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Comfortable Long Lasting Insole​

Why Is (Dura-last) EVA Foam So important?

HD Dura-last foam, sometimes referred to as EVA (Ethylene-vinyl-acetate) Foam is one of our main components in constructing our Orthopedic insoles.

EVA is manufactured in many variations and
consistencies. Colony insoles opted for using the very highest density to insure our insoles last a long
time and this quality of EVA foam allows for the user to stand on their feet, pain free for very long periods of time. 

We have echoed our insoles using a similar type quality and density of Dura-last
foam after very high end shoes known for their all day comfort.

Rigid Arch Support For Flat Feet

Flat feet are usually associated with Plantar Fasciitis pain. The Colony insoles Heavy Duty Shoe
Insert / Insole is specially constructed for those that suffer from Flat Feet.

Typically flat feet are generated from people that are Heavy Set.

After years of our feet being under a constant amount of
weight our feet seem to flatten out, thus stretching out the plantar ligaments and tendons.

This Biometrically Designed Insole was fabricated to help distribute the weight evenly throughout the
foot. In return our feet get relief to the plantar tendons, ligaments, heel and metatarsals.

HD-Gel For Comfort

We use a product that is much thicker than most other insoles on the market, and a denser, more
responsive HD-Gel product for added comfort in the trigger point areas in the heel and Metatarsal
area of the foot, protecting against metatarsalgia, and heel spurs.

Topside Material

Colony insoles has taken the extra step to insure that our insoles absorb moisture and control foot
odor. We use a proprietary material that helps to insure control of these two issues.

Bonding Of Our Insoles

Our revolutionary and sophisticated bonding process is second to none regarding the way our insoles
are bonded together. During our manufacturing process, we have implemented a very specific heat
transfer exchange to guarantee that our insoles stay intact.